Zounds (2010)


Zounds is Dappled Cities’ third album, recorded at BJB Studios in Sydney, and DNA Downtown Studios in NYC. produced by Chris Coady. The Australian release was sold with a limited release bonus EP, Zounds Of Love, packaged with the first 500 copies. Zounds was also released as a bonus disc version with four live tracks.

01. Hold Your Back

02. Answer Is Zero

03. The Price

04. Wooden Ships

05. Slow For Me My Island

06. The Night Is Young At Heart

07. Miniature Alas

08. Don’t Stop There

09. Kid

10. Middle People

11. Apart

12. Stepshadows

Bonus Tracks (Aust Release)
01. Fire Fire Fire (live)
02. Beach Song (live)
03. Granddance (live)
04. Peach (live)

CD | MP3

Speak ‘n Spell Music (Australian Release)
Dagnerbird Records – (USA Release: 15 Septmeber 2009)