Many Roads: B-Sides & Rarities (2014)

Many Roads is a collection of rarities, b-sides and outtakes, generated by Dappled Cities during their 10 years of crazed activity, 2003 to 2013. The title track and lead single, Many Roads, is a brand new song conceived to mark the spirit of the release. The full album is to be released early 2014.

01. Many Roads
02. Cave Country
03. Easy Money
04. Battlewon
05. The Sleeper
06. A Walk On A Wire
07. Save Your Money
08. Waves
09. Cramps
10. Steven
11. Our Warstore
12. Madly Fadly
13. Father & Son
14. Something That Matters

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Hub The Label / Inertia

Lake Air (2012)

Lake Air is Dappled Cities’s 4th record. Pre-production for the record commenced in August 2011 in San Francisco with producer Dan The Automator. This was followed by a week in LA with Jarrad Kritzstein, after which the band flew Kritzstein out to Sydney to co-produce the bulk of the tracking, in Megaphon Studios, St Peters. Lake Air is the first in three albums to only be released locally in Australia – the band having left their previous US based label Dangerbird Records after the preceding record Zounds. Lake Air was released through Hub The Label and distributed through Inertia.

01. Run With The Wind

02. The Leopard

03. Real Love

04. Work In The Mould

05. Lake Air

06. Born At The Right Time

07. Love Connection

08. Icecubes

09. Waves

10. The Weekend

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Hub The Label / Inertia

Zounds (2010)


Zounds is Dappled Cities’ third album, recorded at BJB Studios in Sydney, and DNA Downtown Studios in NYC. produced by Chris Coady. The Australian release was sold with a limited release bonus EP, Zounds Of Love, packaged with the first 500 copies. Zounds was also released as a bonus disc version with four live tracks.

01. Hold Your Back

02. Answer Is Zero

03. The Price

04. Wooden Ships

05. Slow For Me My Island

06. The Night Is Young At Heart

07. Miniature Alas

08. Don’t Stop There

09. Kid

10. Middle People

11. Apart

12. Stepshadows

Bonus Tracks (Aust Release)
01. Fire Fire Fire (live)
02. Beach Song (live)
03. Granddance (live)
04. Peach (live)

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Speak ‘n Spell Music (Australian Release)
Dagnerbird Records – (USA Release: 15 Septmeber 2009)

Granddance (2006)

Granddance was recorded over two sessions throughout 2006 – 2 weeks in March and 6 more weeks from July, in 3 studios in and around Hollywood, LA, namely Sunset Sound, Sonora Recor5ders and New Monkey Studios. The album was produced by Peter Walker and Jim Fairchild (of Granddaddy), and mixed by Jaquire King in Nashville. The recording sessions were the result of Dappled’s international signing with Dangerbird Records, and independent Hollywood based label, following the band’s showcase at the 2006 South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas.


01. Holy Chord

02. Work It Out

03. Fire Fire Fire

04. Colour Coding

05. Beach Song

06. Vision Bell

07. The Eve The Girl

08. Granddance

09. Within Hours

10. Watercourse

11. Battlewon

Bonus Tracks (Aust Release):
01. Paint The Walls
02. Save Your Money
03. Granddance (2005 Demo)
VIDEO 01. The Birds
VIDEO 02. Peach


Release dates:
Speak ‘n Spell Music (Australia – 11 November 2006)
Dangerbird Records (USA – 3 November 2007
Kurafune Records (Japan – 03 July 2008)

A Crooked Smile EP (2005)


18 April 2005 (Revolution Records)
11 November 2006 (Re-release, Speak ‘n Spell Music)

A Remix EP version of the 2004 album A Smile. After a year in the making, the EP was released through Revolution Revords on 18 Aril 2006. Each of the guest remix artists has at some point over the preceding 12 months shared a stage, a rider or a yellow raincoat with Dappled Cities Fly.


01. Peach (Decoder Ring remix)

02. Die In Your Eyes (Dave McCormack remix)

03. Cream (Paul Mac & Seymour Butz remix)

04. States (Wolfmother remix)

05. League Of German Girls (Jack Ladder cover)

06. States X Die In Your Eyes (SPOD remix)

A Smile (2004)


Release dates:
10 October 2004 (Smash Music)
11 November 2006 (Re-release, Speak ‘n Spell Music)


A Smile is the debut album from Dappled Cities Fly. It was recorded over two fortnight-long sessions, 12 months apart, 2003-204 at Razors Edge Studios, produced by Jonathan Burnside. Additional tracking was recorded by the band at Rostrevor towards the end of the second session. It was released in Australia only on October 18th 2004 through Sydney based indie label Smash Music, and distributed by Melbourne-based Stomp. After the band signed with Speak ‘n Spell for the Australian territory for the follow-up album, Granddance, A Smile was re-released as a double CD pack with A Crooked Smile on November 11th 2006.


01. Peach

02. Blame It On The Boys

03. League Of German Girls

04. Corpus Kinaesthesia

05. Make You Happy

06. As I Lay Dying

07. My Head’s Queen Ant

08. Cream

09. Die In Your Eyes

10. Faces

11. States

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Wimbo Park EP (2003)


08 March 2004 (Arch Hill Recordings)

Wimbo Park is an EP released in New Zealand only, comprising of previously Australian released tracks. Dappled Cities Fly was Arch Hill’s first (and last?) offshore release.


01. Be Engine

02. Bear Bar

03. Corpus Kineasthesia

04. Our Eggs

05. Our Eggs

06. Hausen

07. Disaster Girl

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Dead Bodies Where Their Mouths Were EP (2002)


31 October 2003 (Independent)

Dead Bodies Where Their Mouths Were was released as a Halloween special. Around 60 hand-made copies (the covers being made out of pages from a children’s encyclopedia, a stapler, and spray paint), were given away for free at Dappled Cities Fly’s Halloween show at the Hopetoun Hotel in October 2003. The EP was recorded at COFA Studios and at Rostrevor in October 2003, produced, as such, by Dappled Cities Fly.


01: Corpus Kinaesthesia

02. Bear Bar

03. The Birds

04. Gerls Don’t Say Another Word