The Future Is Baroque

January 22nd 2013, Dappled Cities’ Future Is Baroque, a one off show in collaboration with Daniel Denholm and a 12 piece orchestra (incl. members of Sydney’s Brandenburg Orchestra) to reimagine their songs in in a Baroque context. The show was part of the Sydney Festival 2012, and held at Sydney Town Hall which has been re-dubbed Paradiso as a nod to Amsterdam’s famous rock venue.

Photos by Philip Mortlock

Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-88 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-89 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-99 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-103 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-110 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-114 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-116 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-120 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-127 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-Two-4 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-1 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-2 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-4 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-27 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-34 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-36