The Future Is Baroque

January 22nd 2013, Dappled Cities’ Future Is Baroque, a one off show in collaboration with Daniel Denholm and a 12 piece orchestra (incl. members of Sydney’s Brandenburg Orchestra) to reimagine their songs in in a Baroque context. The show was part of the Sydney Festival 2012, and held at Sydney Town Hall which has been re-dubbed Paradiso as a nod to Amsterdam’s famous rock venue.

Photos by Philip Mortlock

Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-88 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-89 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-99 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-103 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-110 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-114 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-116 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-120 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-127 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-Two-4 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-1 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-2 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-4 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-27 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-34 Dappled-Cities-Paradiso-36

Listening Exhibitions

Dappled Cities launched their third album, Zounds, by asking artists to re-interpret their tracks by creating artworks to be installed in to self-storage spaces. The result were the Zounds Listening Exhibitions, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.

ZLEsPRO  ZLEs12 ZLEs11 ZLEs09 ZLEs08 ZLEs07 ZLEs06 ZLEs05 ZLEs04 ZLEs03 ZLEs02 ZLEs01 ZLEmPRO ZLEm12 ZLEm11 ZLEm10 ZLEm09 ZLEm08 ZLEm06 ZLEm05 ZLEm04 ZLEm03 ZLEm02


Alphabreaks is a kid’s TV series that uses music to introduce the letters of the alphabet to preschoolers. Dappled Cities was asked by Disney to undertake the wacky job of performing all the songs (one for each letter of the alphabet) to camera. The original music was witted by composer Kuls Burthland, and the show was directed by Tom Spark who had done music videos for The Vines and The Cat Empire among others. Alphabreaks went to air on the Disney Channel in Australia throughout November 2008, and was followed up with the release of a DVD.

We can’t find A Is For Accordion!

November Rain


Release date:
07 July 2007

In June of 2007 fellow bands Dappled Cities and Red Riders hit the road together to play a very select number of east coast Australia shows, calling it the Break Your Necks Tour. As it was a double headline tour, at the end of each night both bands returned to the stage together to play a shakey but memorable encore, covering Guns ‘n Roses’ November Rain. Following the tour Speak ‘n Spell (who represented Dappled Cities) and Ivy League Records (who represented Red Riders) got their heads together and came up with the idea of releasing this version of the classic tune as a limited edition 7″. And so they did. Recorded in an afternoon by Scott Horscroft at Big Jesus Burger Studios in Sydney, then pressed onto a 7″, and then pre-sold to eager fans… it was all over before anyone really knew what they were doing.

November Rain by Dappled Cities + Red Riders

novemberrain3 novemberrain2 novemberrain1

Giant Dance

Conceived and choreographed by friend-of-the-band Jane Gibson for, The Giant Dance was just that – a community based project that saw a range of people and dance groups join forces to perform a public dance to the tune of Dappled Cities’ Holy Chord. After 6 rehearsals the performance took place in a public outdoor plaza in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown, on 11 September 2008.

Leela Carroll, Tim Carroll, Kali Reed, Neil Trindall, Nitin Vengurleka, Jo Winchester, Orissa, Rosmary Sun, Greek Older Women’s Network, Miss Africa Australia, Castanuelas Gigi School of Australia, Thelma Horsely’s Ballroom Dancers, Ahilan Ratnamohan.

Film Crew:
Kate Blackmore, Amelia Tovey, Jonathan Wald, Fadel El Harris.

giantdance7 giantdance6 giantdance5 giantdance4 giantdance3 giantdance2 giantdance1